Chapeau CC


brief :

Create something for an audience of your choice which is based in a particular city

concept :

Create a cycle club which takes riders on a challenging ride, aiming to remove them from the city and destress

outcome :

A quarterly newspaper which documents the ride and riders thoughts, as well as a members club for invited riders only


Chapeau CC


Chapeau CC is a cycle club with a focus of taking riders on a cycle route which challenges them physically and mentally. It's aim is to destress riders who are trapped in the city, but doing so without them being consciously aware of it happening. The ride is designed to make them suffer and dig deep to overcome the pain, blocking out any other thoughts they may have, which allows them to focus on the present rather than the past.

There are four rides per year, with participants being invited based on their involvement with the local cycle scene as well as their participation in other group or solo rides. 

A quarterly newspaper is issued to every member, and distributed throughout different cities via bike shops and cafes to raise awareness of previous rides, which captures the attention of potential club members.